11 October 2013

Father Abbaticchio Vocation Fund

Pope Saint John Paul II and Saint TheresaIn initially sending out His Apostles, Christ instructed them to take nothing except the clothes on their backs, sandals and a walking stick. Their’s was a charge to cure the sick, cast out unclean spirits and most of all preach repentance. Everything else that they would need would come from the Lord through the hands of those that they met along the way.

In that spirit, we can help the Lord in providing for those answering their call to a vocation by supporting the Father Damian Abbaticchio Vocation Fund. Through a small monthly donation, you can support a local seminarian or other Catholics pursuing a monastic vocation by helping to offset costs associated with food, school books and other various living expenses.

Grants from this fund are open to Catholics in the Diocese of Richmond in good standing with the Church who are enrolled in a Catholic seminary or monastic order and in need of financial support.