“When They Sense You’re Leading Them to Sacred Holiness.”

Father Rob Cole (Saint John the Apostle/Virginia Beach) had some interesting remarks recently with respect to church renovation.  From an article from the Virginian Catholic:

Later Father Rob Cole, chairman of the Building and Renovation Commission, said he has found parishioners will give generously to a building renovation program “when they sense you’re leading them to sacred holiness.”

“People want the sense of awe, something that speaks beyond the temporal to something that’s everlasting,” he explained.

“Look at the churches of the 5th and 6th and 12th century. They’re still standing but people were willing to invest and be patient.

“There wasn’t the sense of instant gratification we have today.”

stroik_duncanThe full article discusses a visit to the diocese by Duncan Stroik, professor at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, where he discussed with priests and deacons the lessons learned in architecture over the last few decades.  Professor Stroik added,

“We have made great strides in the past two decades in confronting the myths of church architecture—questioning the theater type, demotion of the tabernacle, the false dichotomy between liturgy and devotion.  There is much to be done, and many churches that need to be extensively renovated or in other cases un-renovated.”

Un-renovated.  If only we could go back in time and stop the destruction of all the high altars.   Go read the full article.