Can We Get a Little Quiet?

Dan Burke speaks on why we need silence during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

We need silence “so that all may dispose themselves to carry out the sacred action in a devout and fitting manner.” Here we have the wisdom of the Church, as the Holy Spirit leads us to eschew all human priorities outside of God and to draw our hearts to the reality of this sacred encounter. The Mass finds its ultimate purpose in the condescension of God to meet with us and nourish us — and for us to respond in a manner worthy of this gift of all gifts.

It stands to reason that our behavior at Mass will be proportionally devout to the degree we believe this meeting of heaven an earth is actually happening. In contrast, those that see the Mass as a kind of religious social gathering — and harbor disbelief or lack proper instruction — will see no need for such formality, and will act accordingly.

  • Zaida Ghigliotti de Ramos

    Silence is a big word. It can be seen in a different context. We can truly be silence, like in the theater or a conference. This silence does not have any difference if is carry on in church or at a theater or conference. It is necessary and expected but not the most important. During the celebration of the Holy Mass we need a deeper silence which is not necessary or important in other place. The silence of our minds and heart. There at the Holy Mass our mouth will be silence of unnecessary conversations, but our minds should focus in the words spoken and this is when our mind silence. The importance of silence is to hear God’s voice. To receive the many fruits the Holy Mass has to offer it is imperative to silence our mind. One word can make your heart change and this is why it is very important that attentiveness. The Holy Spirit speaks in the silence of our hearts and minds. If it is difficult to understand someone when there is a lot of noise around, how much when God want to speak to us.
    One time I was in a religious house for sometime last november and I discover, how important is to let God to speak to us. The more silence and prayerful I was the more I could live God’s presence in me during those days. Yes, God can take someone from the crowd and stuck them with His grace but this is the way we should not wait to hear God’s voice. We who are trying to be faithful Catholics should take a step forward into silence and listen to the loving and merciful words of our God.