Servant of God Francis J. Parater

Did you know that the Diocese of Richmond has an active cause for sainthood?  Servant of God Francis J. Parater was a seminarian from the diocese who died of rheumatic fever in 1920 at the age of 23 while studying theology in Rome.

Prior to his death, Francis wrote an Act of Oblation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which was sealed and marked to be read only in the event of his passing while in Rome. He expressed his motivation in making his offering in this way:

“I have nothing to leave or to give but my life and this I have consecrated to the Sacred Heart to be used as He wills…This is what I live for and in case of death what I die for. …Since my childhood, I have wanted to die for God and my neighbor. Shall I have this grace? I do not know, but if I go on living, I shall live for this same purpose; every action of my life here is offered to God for the spread and success of the Catholic Church in Virginia. …I shall be of more service to my diocese in Heaven than I can ever be on earth.”

More about this cause can be found on the diocesan website.

Servant of God Francis J. Parateer, pray for us.