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Father Abbaticchio Vocation Fund

Ad Deum provides support to local parishes in collecting and providing monetary support for their seminarians as well as men and women pursuing a monastic life.

Debate Club

Debate Club provides stimulating instruction, discussion and debate on Catholic topics in a fraternal setting with food and spirits.

757 Sanctus

Online programming to discuss local, national and global issues from a Catholic Perspective. Current events, sports, recreation, humor and of course spiritual. Everything is on the table for discussion.

About Us

Some Things You Might Not Know
We are working to bring Christ into our community.

Formed in 2013, Ad Deum aims to work as a Catholic lay movement in the Tidewater area to promote greater awareness of Catholic theology, liturgy, history and social teaching within the local community. In short, Ad Deum seeks to equip Catholics to know the Faith, pray the Faith and then act on the Faith. While not officially associated with the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Ad Deum works to complement the activities of our Bishop and priests. Ad Deum is a non-profit incorporated in the State of Virginia and recognized as 501(c)3 eligible organization with the Federal Government.

  • faithful to Our Bishop and the Magisterium
  • Doing everything we want to do for Christ
  • Praying as Much as We should
  • In need of His Grace

Our Team

In Case You Were Wondering
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Jeffrey A. Stuart

Stu is a retired Naval Officer, local entrepreneur and voice talent. He and his family live in Chesapeake, VA and attends Saint Benedict’s Parish.
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Ashley Zahorian

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Matthew Eshnaur

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Raymond Selg

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Deacon Kevin Morrison


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